Want to get in front of a crowd and dance your heart out? Enjoy entertaining people? Come show off your moves at this year's Dance Competition. Pre-register online! https://goo.gl/forms/qUv5piv3bWK96LFZ2

2017 Itty Bitty Fursuit Dance Competition
Format and Rules

I. Tryouts
    A. There will be no tryouts this year.

II. Requirements
B. Contestants must sign up online or at the Costuming Desk no later than Saturday at 12:00PM (Noon).
C. All contestants must check in with the Costuming Desk, even if you pre-registered online. Failure to check in may result in disqualification.
D. Audio must be mailed in at programming@ittybittyfurcon.com or turned in at time of check in at the Costuming Desk. Failure to do so at this time may result in disqualification. See the Audio section below for rules on audio.    
    E. Please arrive to the main events room at the time given at time of check in. A small           headless area will be stocked with water and fans.
    F. Fursuiters only. This includes full suits to a partial with clothes (Head, paws, tail, feet, no     human skin showing).

III. Audio:
    A. Performances are limited to a minimum of 1:30 to a maximum of 2:30. If your audio is     longer, the DJ will fade out at the 2:30 second mark.
    C. You may submit audio before the con by emailing costuming@arizonafurcon.com;
Please include your Fursuit Name and “Dance Competition Music” in the subject of the email.
    D. If you do not submit music beforehand, please bring music with you on a USB Flash              drive to the Costuming Desk at time of check in on Friday. Do not bring laptops, tablets,             ipods, or other mp3 players please.

IV. Judging and Awards:
    A. Judging will be based on four categories:
Technique: Precision and strength of movements, sharpness
Execution: Rhythm, creativity, synchronization with music, and transitions.
Crowd: How much the crowd gets into it.
Difficulty: Use of intricate and challenging skills/movement

V. Categories:
    A. There are two categories to chose from. Novice or Veteran
Novice is someone who has not placed or gotten past preliminaries.
Veteran is someone who has gotten past preliminaries or placed in a dance competition.
    B. Solo acts should pick between the two categories, while group acts should place     according to the most experienced member of the group.

VI. Awards:
    First place will receive a Judge's spot in the next year's Dance Competition. Other awards     will be announced at the end of the competition.

VII. Regards
Please keep in mind that the purpose of this event is to have fun and put on a good show for everyone watching. We greatly appreciate everyone willing compete even if they do not end up winning the event. Be courteous and help make this a fun event for everyone! :-)