Deanna Biesemeyer is a 24 year old fursuit marker, artist and performer. She started to make fursuits when she was just 12 years old and has since mastered the skill of fursuit making. Currently she works full-time under her own company Skypro Costumes where she has since made over 100 suits. On top of all the fursuits she is also known for her own character Telephone and the species around it called Dutch Angel Dragons. Deanna has been developing the lore and story behind both Telephone and the Dutch Angel Dragons for the past several years and has a goal set to publish a book about them in the future. Telephone is a very recognizable character within the fandom thanks to Deanna's acting performance and dedication that gives the character so much life. Telephone has caught the hearts of many con-goers thanks to its chirpy attitude and bubbly personality.