Living Carousel is a fursuit making company run by Quetzal that was established in 2016 and based out of Tempe, Arizona. Living up to the company name, she aims to make unique and challenging suits with a focus on uncommon species. Working closely off concept art, she aims to capture bold personalit...
PHS was founded in 2001 by three long-time, passionate reptile enthusiasts with a vision to make a difference for reptiles in the state of Arizona. There were plenty of organizations to rescue many species of animals from dogs and cats to birds. However, there was no such facility or refuge for unwa...
We are happy to announce our 2019 launch and dates. We have our badge sales open along with panel submissions. If you have guest suggestions please let us know as we finalize our guest list over the next month. We have some exciting changes and upgrades to this years event that we will be posting...
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Itty Bitty Fur Con 2019
7/20 - 7/21, 2019
Mesa Convention Center
263 N Center Street
Mesa AZ 85201